San Francisco Wall Crawl – Day 2

As promised, here is Day 2 of my San Francisco wall crawl, inspired by Studio DIY. There were two walls that I couldn’t find on their guide, but I found a few more that weren’t included. I hope you all have enjoyed following along on my adventure.

Wall Crawl Day 2

449 Octavia Street
On the side of the bakery Miette is the prettiest pink wall you ever did see.

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22nd St + 106 Ames Alley
Stop and smell the poppies.

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112 Ames Alley
I think this might have been my favorite mural of this day. Being from Texas, the Armadillo is our state animal and I loved this psychedelic looking version.

1231 Valencia Street
This lovely mural is on the side of Horace Mann Middle School and is one of the murals not included on the Studio DIY post, but I loved the vibrant colors on it.

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3316 23rd St
This mural is on the side of a wall greens and is massive. It is a shame that part of it has been tagged with graffiti, but there is still plenty to see.

3297 24th Street
Murals murals everywhere. You will find this beauty on the side of a McDonald’s.

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1575 15th Street
The last stop of the wall crawl and one of my favorites was the ocean themed one. I thought it would be so fun to blow bubbles in from of this wall and it turns out I’m a horrible bubble blower, but I still love how I envisioned this looking! 🙂

That concludes my San Francisco Wall Crawl. The next wall crawl on my agenda is Nashville! I hope to plan a trip there soon and share with you all my adventures.

San Francisco Wall Crawl – Day 1

Thank you to Studio DIY for their guide to the best walls in San Francisco. I was smiling from ear to ear as I walked from one wall to another. Who knew that this simple and free activity would make me so happy. Here are the walls I visited on Day 1 of my wall crawl. I have included addresses for each wall in case you are in the San Francisco area and want to go on your own wall crawl!

400 Valencia Street

400 Valencia Street
On the corner of Valencia Street and 15th Street

411 Valencia Street
The artist was in the process of updating this piece and it was by far one of my favorites! The colors were just so gorgeous and vibrant!

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1691 15th Street
This piece was not included in the Studio DIY Wall Crawl, but I got a little carried away by all the awesome walls and I couldn’t pass up the shark wearing shades.

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Sparrow Street
This is the short street leading to the two amazing walls you are about to see below.

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Sparrow Street + Caledonia Street
This one was easy to miss. It is tucked away in what I would consider an alley way. I stumbled upon it by accident and was literally skipping down the alley way with joy!

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155 Caledonia Street
This black and white piece was right next door to the colorful one above. Could you imagine this being your front door?

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74 Clarion Alley
This alley was full of wall murals. Many of them with some hidden agenda. I have no idea if this painting is trying to tell us something, I just know that I liked the colors. 🙂

Stay tuned … Day 2 of my San Francisco Wall Crawl coming soon.